Dyraarde and the Feoaidyr

So far in Dyraarde...

The land before the campaign

Taial has united our heroes and brought them to the capitol of Dyraarde, Aarde aarde. It has been 30 years since the fall of the first Feoaidyr, and there has still been no progress as to why the beasts are falling. Taial has assembled a crack team of those he has met through his own adventures to help him research the fall of the Feoaidyr. In the party there is:

Kyra – a teifling paladin from the town of Sakee, Obliest and a follower of Koue.

Carak – a tabaxi monk from the monastery of Mosu, Eriyar and a keen sense of observation.

Tathelon – a high elf wizard from a tower near the village of Patour, Rohe with a knack for conjuration.

Dyzek Kaj – an earth genasi fighter from the outskirts of Strom near the Never Ending Storm with a self-taught magic to control lightening.


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