Dyraarde and the Feoaidyr

Investigating the 1st Fallen Aidyr

The First Adventure

A group of adventurers – Tathalion, Dyzek, Kyra, and Carak – was brought together by their mutual friend, Taial. They met in the Baraa Inn in Aarde aarde, Rohe. Taial gave the group a task—to help him investigate the fall of the Feoaidyr.

Taial has brought together this eclectic group of adventurers because he believes that they can each bring a crucial element to the investigation: Tathalion, his intrigue with creation; Dyzek, his exemplary rational; Kyra, her knowledge of the Atua; and Carak, his keen observational skills.

Taial asked the party to investigate the very first aidyr that fell – it was a rather small aidyr – about the size of the mayor’s mansion. It’s located about a days journey outside of Aarde aarde, headed directly east towards the whistling stones. He wants the party to look for anything abnormal – strange markings, organisms, anything that might have caused the beast to fail. After investigating, he asked for the party to meet him back at the Baraa Inn in three days time.

Before leaving, the party went to the market where they met with another of Taial’s friends, The Vile Guy, a short rotund man who sells vials. He urged the party to be on their way.

On the way out of the city, the group passed by an overturned pumpkin cart, manned by Kiff. The party helped him turn his cart the right way, and he gave the party a few (smashed) pumpkins as well as the promise of a place to sleep if they were ever his way.

They slept the night about halfway to the aidyr, and in the night the winds of Rohe scattered their fire and set their camp ablaze. Unable to sleep, they continued to the aidyr. The structure came into view around midday. They found a manufactured entrance covered by a hide. Inside was dark, dank, and dreary. They fought a few kobolds and found a large spider web and humanoid bones.

In the next room, separated by a door made of bones, they found six kobolds (that they took care of) in a rough sleeping quarters. To the end of the room was a small stream that led to a large pile of rocks obviously obscuring a doorway. With some effort they moved the rocks, and when they did a large puff of spores engulfed them.

There were spores all through the room as well as a plethora of small mushrooms. Tathalion took some in a vial from the Vial guy to bring back to Taial. Also in the room were puddles of vile emulsion that were of unknown bodily substance. There was another exit to the room, a door of bones blocked off with an x. They broke through and made it to another room that had a large earth ramp that led up to a small tunnel filled with spider webs. There were soft mounds of dirt that, when dug up, contained soft white pods that were good to eat. The party rested for an hour and then proceeded through the next door.

The door led to a hallway that led to another door. When they opened it, a beehive fell and coated Dyzek in honey. Then commenced a battle with a swarm of angry bees, some kobolds, and a spider much larger than it had any right being.

To be continued.


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